Justunfollow - Unfollow Your Twitter Friends Who Do Not Following You Back


Using automatic unfollow is much better than deleted our unfollow Twitter friends manually especially if we have so much followers and already following many people. One of the good sites that offers this feature is Justunfollow. At Justunfollow, the unfollowing friends at our Twitter list can be arrange automatically. Justunfollow will list anyone that does not following your twitter account back. After that you may choose to delete anyone who does not following you or you have any reason to delete people who doesn't following you back. But, you can't just delete all of your Twitter friend list that do not following you back that already arrange by Justunfollow except your unfollow friendlist is below 50 friend count. Justunfollow limited to use this feature as you can only deleted 50 friends per day. There is another method so you can increase the number of the unfollowing Twitter friends you want to delete. Justunfollow usually give another 50 credits to unfollow your friends by tweeting what they ask to tweet on your Twitter account. This method will give you another 50 credits and usually they only offer 1 tweet per day that will make you can delete 100 friends per day if you accept their offers. If you wan't to try Justunfollow, click here.

MangaFox - Read Free Manga Online!


MangaFox is a place where you can read manga online. Many manga titles are providing there. Manga is comic in japanese style. If you don't know manga, have interest or hobbies in reading comic, cartoon or animated story this place is a must. Manga consists of many various genre and different drawing style from the creator itself. At MangaFox, the manga is already translate into english language so don't worry that you wont be able to read it. You can read manga such as Love In The Mask, Forbidden Kiss, My Boyfriend is A Vampire, and much more. Sadly, most of popular manga such as Naruto, Bleach, or Air Gear has been moved due to license rights. But, anyway we must respect to reduce pyracy by buying the original manga. So, what are you waiting for? go to MangaFox to read manga online for Free!

Go to MangaFox site, here!

SweetIM - Free emoticons for Facebook, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ messenger

Oftenly use Facebook chat, MSN, AIM, Yahoo or ICQ messenger? Then try SweetIM! SweetIM is free smiley emoticons with thousands smiley face models you can use for Facebook chat, MSN, AIM, Yahoo or ICQ messenger. Not only adding emoticons, SweetIM also have featured such as winks, audibles, sound FX, Display Pictures, Nudges and Games. The SweetIM team is passionate about innovating & developing Instant Messenger technologies and content. The SweetIM team look for new and cool ways for people to enjoy their messenger experience, and carefully listen to our users to understand the latest trends and wishes about what's hot and what's not. By using SweetIM users can express themselves in fun and creative ways. SweetIM can be download for FREE, easy to install and ready to use. The SweetIM team also provide SweetIm toolbars to download where it can use to search more emoticons, animations or games.

Download SweetIM for FREE, here!

See 33 exclusive 'Twilight: Eclipse' Movie Preview

Direct From the Twilight: Eclipse Movie set, See 33 exclusive Twilight: Eclipse Movie Preview. Twilight: Eclipse is sequel from The Twilight Saga, Novel series created by Stephanie Meyer that already lift to the big screen. Just like the novel series, The Twilight Saga Movie also become popular and hit the Box Office. Now you can see the exclusive Twilight: Eclipse actors during shoot at the Movie set, including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Steward, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning and much more.

See more Twilight: Eclipse pics here!

Shinsegae Centum City : The World Largest Departement Store


Shinsegae Centum City is the world largest department store right now beating Macy's Department Store in New York. Shinsegae is a huge shopping place and entertainment complex. It has a floor area of 509,810 square meters (5,487,594.84 sq. ft.) so that makes it the world record for the largest department store. At the east wing, it has 14-story that consisting of the department store, gym, restaurant, café, a multiplex cinema While in the west wing it has 9-story as house of the art gallery. There are not only shopping areas but also various entertainment facilities such as a spa and an ice rink.Shinsegae Centum City is located in the South Korea at the capital city of Busan. You can read more information about Shinsegae Centum City by following the link below.


Freehostia : Free Web Hosting, Affordable and Low Cost Hosting


Freehostia offer a fully featured free web hosting plan and low cost paid hosting plans. It says on their site. This web hosting site offer 5 kind of web hosting plan offer, Chocolate, Watercircle, Lovebeat, Wildhoney and Supernatural. Where Chocolate plan is the only offer that you can get for free. You will get 250 MB disk space, 6 GB banwith, 3 POP3/IMAP E-mails, MySQL database and muchmore. See more details on their site. Plus, for the web design layouts you can get proffessional designed jomlaa templates and wordpress themes FREE to download!

Freehostia data center is located in Fremont, California, USA, which provide the physical environment necessary to keep the servers up and running 24/7 worldwide.The site have incredible layout and an unique ideas as a web hosting. You can run the control panel demo to try out their features that offers. Go and check it out at Freehostia.

Send Your Message To Another Planet

I have found another unique site. This site is not a commercial business site, but associated with science and outer space. This site called hellofromearth.com. the goal is to send a messages from the inhabitants of the earth that is sent to the planet Gliese 581d. Planet Gliese 581d found by scientists in April 2007 this is the only planet that can support life suspected of being habitable zone (read more about Gliese 581d in). Through this site, you can write a message addressed to the inhabitants of planet Gliese if there does exist a form of life. The messages you'll send them through a device that can reach planet Gliese, the message estimated will arrive in the year 2029. If you are interested, try to visit hellofromearth.com for more infos.

Plus, read my article about this planet gliese 581d that I write for bukisa.

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